Acusto-Magnetic Systems (AM)

This is one of the best known and most popular technologies worldwide as the systems, which work at 58kHz, can be installed in many different ways with the possibility of integrating other functions such as metal detection, people counter, jammer alarm.

Akusztomagnetikus antennák


Wide exit protection and modern appearance. The system can work with labels and hard tags as well.
It can be used most efficiently in retail, fashion shops, sports stores, super and hypermarkets and many other fields.

Akusztomagnetikus deaktivátorok


They are used to deactivate acusto-magnetic labels. They have two main groups: electronic or permanent magnetic. Their design and shape can be of a great variety according to demand.

Akusztomagnetikus cimke


Labels can be used only once. They are not reactivable.

Akusztomagnetikus etikettek

Hard tags

Etiquettes can be used multiple times (they are removed from good on paying and are used again.)

Akusztomagnetikus etikett leszedők


These are special instruments to remove etiquettes. They can be magnetic or mechanical with a hook depending on the type of the etiquette.

Akusztomagnetikus kézi detektor

Handheld detectors

They are used for finding labels and hard tags. E.g. body scanner.