Occupancy tracking systems

Occupancy tracking systems / People counters

Great for places where the number of people inside is limited and a sign is needed to control it.
For example: nightclubs.
It can also be useful in regulating restricted access in the event of an epidemic.



Professional 3D people counter

The new generation people counter can increase business efficiency. With the help of deep analytic software it offers much more than an average people counter:
– Counts with higher than 95% precision.
– Gives information about percentage of passers-by entering the shop.
– Displays effectiveness of promotions.
– Measuresthe time spent in the shop.
– Omits non potential customers.
– Shows directions of shopping trends based on daily cash-flow
– Provides results in different possible formats.
– Forwards reports via e-mail…and many more possibilities to promote business efficiency.


3G people counter

“Bidirectional people counter with SIM card (3G)”

Main benefits:
-Doesn’t influence intranet as there is no physical connection.
-Easy and fast installation without cabling.

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Eleséjelző rendszer

Man Down Systems

– Occupational safety (in factories, in course of constructions, in hazardous places,…)
– For elderly-, and the ill people (signalling falls)

Moodbox op paal

Customer Feedback Display Unit

The display unit is used in public places such as airports, hotels, public events etc. in order to allow customers to respond very quickly and spontaneously, with how they feel, to the service that has recently been provided. More…

Régi könyvek, levéltári emlékek védelme

Protection of old books, archival documents

As there are a lot of limiting regulations (the paper sheets cannot touch metals or acidic paper) protection should be placed into antique books or documents during restoration with grate care.