Welcome to the world of security technology on the website of BAR-GRAPH KFT.

We hope after visiting our website you will be able to find what you are looking for and you will soon contact us. Our aim is to provide you help with correct cooperation in the following fields:

Bar-graph áruvédelem Electrical Article Surveillance (EAS)
We can help you to choose the best and most suitable technology. (AM, EM or RF)


Bar-graph videó technika Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
We can help you with picture analysis based target tracking, motion detection, people counting and many more.


Bar-graph oktatás, szaktanácsadás Education, technical advice
As security technology is becoming increasingly important in every field it is essential for young professionals of our days to get the best education and training.


People counters and occupancy tracking systems People counters and occupancy tracking systems
You can find the best solution among our products: bidirectional infra system-, or 3D stereoscopic video technology-, or occupancy tracker system…


Thank you for visiting us.

Miklos Holbis
General Manager